Football Competition Winners!


We have a new member of base 4 ! 



Cross Country Races (Telford Rugby Club)

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Base 4’s Greek vase project ! 

I am so impressed with base4’s Greek vase projects ! Thank you to all the parents who helped their children with these over the Easter holidays – Mr Bussey thought some of them were real and that we had taken them from the history cupboard !  


End of Half Term Football Competition 

This half term’s winners:

Getting messy in art! 

Year 5 are copying the style of the artist Margaret Godfrey by using ripped up tissue paper and lots and lots of PVA glue !  


Year 5/6 trip to Jodrell Bank! 

On Monday , year 5/6 went to Jodrell Bank. Here are some of Base 4’s comments about the trip : 

Theo Hall : ‘ I enjoyed the Whispering Dishes because it was interesting how they worked and it was funny as you could talk from each end and hear everything that was being said!’ 

Ben Marshall : ‘ The Lovell telescope was bigger than I thought it would be – it was enormous ! ‘ 

Charlotte Knight : ‘ I really enjoyed seeing the stars and constellations in the inflatable planetarium. It was interesting to see the night sky for that evening!’ 

Jay Grainger : ‘ I really enjoyed the clockwork model of the planets on the ceiling – it was really interesting and visual about how the planets moved.’ 

Annabelle Aston : ‘ I really enjoyed the solar system science and doing all the experiments – I learnt so much !’ 

Here are some photos of the experiments Base 4 did in one of the workshops based on the solar system